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This website is made in order to establish direct contact between Graphic printing companies and the manufacturers and suppliers that can supply consumables and services in the segments of prepress, sheetfed, web, screen print, letterpress, digital, cardboard packaging and postpress/bindery/packing.

With this service end customers or printers will be able to request products among many manufacturers and suppliers with only a few clicks.

The system.

End customers create a free login that allows them to make requests to many suppliers with just one message. Suppliers then prepare a simple offer through the login with price, which will automatically be sent to the end customer. Once the end customer has received all offers, the end customer can, with one message, choose the best supplier and then await an order confirmation with agreed price and delivery terms from the supplier.

We are constantly expanding our manufacturers and suppliers in all the segments of graphic production to help you in your search for products and services.

Until we have all manufacturers and suppliers thats covering the whole range of products, some requests will be supported by customer support at GraphicButler.

The Founder

GraphicButler is created by René Lorenzen, owner and founder of Graphiconsult.

Graphiconsult’s main purpose is, to support foreign manufacturers on the market in Scandinavia, with direct sales and support of consumables to the end customers and printers. This structure means no “in between” dealers and therefore always the fair price on the products to the end customers.

Graphiconsult´s company structure, which has been working in Scandinavia for several years, has now also been the breeding ground for the creation of this website, which creates a simple connection between customer and supplier, not only in Scandinavia, but whole EU.