This service is only based on suppliers who have a sales and support agreement with Graphiconsult Aps in Scandinavia.

GraphicButler.eu is made in order to establish direct contact between printers and suppliers that can supply spareparts and consumables for sheetfed, coldset, heatset and flexo in EU. With this service printers will be able to make requests among many suppliers with only a few clicks. When the supplier is selected, both the supplier and the customer will receive each contact information

Please note that only authorized suppliers can offer through this portal!. If you are a supplier, you are welcome to contact Graphicbutler with the contacts form below for further settlement. Or contact Graphiconsult Aps rene@graphiconsult.dk.

The system

Customers/printers can request products and suppliers can prepare a simple offer (ONLY approved suppliers), which will automatically be sent to the customer without any further contact. The customer can, with one click, choose supplier and then await the supplier to make contact for further settlement. The supplier will only get the customer contact information, if the supplier wins the project.

In order for suppliers to bid on a project, the supplier must have credits, but importantly, the supplier first pays with credit if the supplier wins the project and gets the customer information. “No Cure No Pay”. Prices on credits can be found after supplier registration and login (contact rene@graphiconsult.dk to become supplier, or fill out the form below). Each supplier can decide if they will bid on each projects. The price per project for the supplier will always be the same no matter how large the project is.

If you have a sales and support agreement with Graphiconsult Aps in Scandinavia, you have this service included in your agreement. This means that you are free to bid and win projects. if you run out of credit, contact rene@graphiconsult.dk.

The Company behind GraphicButler

GraphicButler is created by René Lorenzen, owner and founder of Graphiconsult Aps. Graphiconsult’s main purpose is, to support specific manufacturers on the market in Scandinavia, with direct sales and support of supply to customers. This structure means no “in between” dealers and always fair price on the products. web site www.graphiconsult.dk

Graphiconsult´s company structure, which has been working in Scandinavia for several years, has now also been the breeding ground for the creation of this service, which makes a simple connection between customers and approved suppliers in EU.

Join as supplier

If you are interested in joining the portal so you can offer customers your products, you have the opportunity here. Fill in the small form and we will review your data and website and return for the next step.

We take great pride in having only the best suppliers in this portal and therefore have a number of criteria that you must meet to be able to participate.

Crucial business structures to meet is, delivery times, quality products, payment terms, support and communication structure.

Fill out the form and get started.

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